Long Beach artist Robert Senske

After nearly four decades of publishing more original acrylic paintings of the Long Beach waterfront than perhaps any artist who ever called this town home, Robert Senske, Jr. had reached a point in his career when collectors were offering five figures & up for his meticulously rendered beach & sailing scenes that any nautically minded viewer would concur, “He gets the rigging right.”

Whatever your opinion of Realism as an artistic genre, one thing is not in dispute: the value of Senske’s original artwork has outpaced the S&P 500 over the last 14 years by nearly 5,500%! For example, a lush 24” x 36” rendition of Naples’ famous canals that sold for just $450 back in 1992 now costs about $25k to commission. Another reason Senske’s work stands the test of time is that he no longer produces any new inventory that isn’t already commissioned. This produces a unique scenario in which the appraised value of his finished, signed work is almost always higher than the price he negotiated to create it. Now THAT’s art appreciation.

The happy ending to this “stock” increase for NEW COLLECTORS is that after becoming father to twins at age 44 back in 2009, Senske fell in love with his kids and portraiture in general, utilizing a more cost effective technique that brought tears to the eyes of families all over town who couldn’t believe how well he “got the faces right.” Switching from opaque acrylics to translucent watercolor & pencil, Senske adapted with the ease of a Mozart who never needed formal training. The result was a growing book of impressive but uncirculated portraiture. Now he shares this new medium with the public for the very first time at a reduced price that would upset his existing collectors were it not for a strictly limited time. After December 15, 2016, pricing must go back up (normally $2k per face).

Can you identify the pro athletes and Long Beach legends Bob has already depicted on the home page? Other celebrity endorsements include Sting, actor Keefer Sutherland, former tennis star Andre Agassi, ESPN analysist and former NBA player Greg Anthony, retired Arizona basketball coach Lute Olson, legendary Long Beach Mayor Beverly O’Neil and former Governor of California, George Duekmajian.

To commission your own masterpiece for just $1k, call the artist directly at (562) 212-4923.